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The Light for June 28, 2022
The Light for June 28, 2022
By Katherine Peterson
Presiding was President Linda Gerber, who welcomed club members to the last meeting of the Rotary calendar year.  Jackie Mack recited Why We Are Rotarians, and shared the Thought for the Day:
“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring out and make trees.”  - Amelia Earhart
Neil Gambow announced that a detailed email about the 4th of July parade will be coming from Kassandra McGovern encouraging everyone to join us.  By now, however, we are all aware that, due to a mass shooting at the Highland Park parade the morning of July 4, the Evanston parade and fireworks were cancelled.
Harold Bauer announced that you will soon receive information about the Endowment for future needs and sustainability for special needs in the future to contribute.  The information you receive will guide you on the details of the contribution.  We’re at $16,000 and aspiring to $40,000 before we begin to draw on these funds. 
Roasts & Boasts
Each year Humanitas honors and empowers film and television writers whose work explores the human condition in a nuanced, meaningful way.  This year Steve Goranson’s daughter Alicia (Lecy) has been nominated for her writing of Season 4 Episode 14 of “The Conners,” entitled “Triggered,” addressing America's most 'pervasive' crisis: gun violence.  The award ceremony will be held in Los Angeles on Sept.9, 2022.  Helen Oloroso added that she had seen the film and shared that it is very worthwhile. Steve will be sharing the link.
Topic: Year-End Club Assembly, Highlights from 2021-22
Linda Gerber introduced club speakers who shared highlights of this past year in our club.
Clarence Weaver shared that DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is very relevant, and we will be rolling it into all programs.  It is open to everyone and has become part of making a difference in the community.  He asked, how are we looking at gaining feedback from others?  Clarence stated that we need to make efforts to reach out to everyone in areas that are not common to everyone.  We’re very excited about the efforts made in food insecurity.  If you want to see a lot of different people participating from a lot of different backgrounds you’ll see that in the C&W food pantry distribution on Saturday morning.  Covid gave us an opportunity to see a lot of organizations collaborate and invited everyone to participate.  Linda Gerber announced that the first meeting is July 11 at 10 a.m.
Steve Goranson stated that the Environmental Committee and Community Service are closely tied together.  These committees were very active, including clean ups and many other activities throughout Evanston.  We partnered with other clubs serving mentally ill with Turning Point, several beach clean ups and more. We look forward to close relationships with all other club committees. 
Rebeca Mendoza shared that Women’s Empowerment joined the wider Rotary family to empower women and girls.  Rebeca was grateful to public image for incredible support.  The committee was able to reach young women in the community as well as women across the country providing words of encouragement.  A website was created and are we trying to consider how to utilize this tool.  The highlight of this work was a celebration with 40 women at Koi Restaurant, and we realize that there were more non-Rotarians participating. This made Rebeca aware that the work with Women’s Empowerment was far reaching, and that it was great to be part of the Presidential initiative. 
Linda Gerber shared for Bill Glader with a review of the Taste of Evanston (ToE).  The 2021 ToE had 400 guests, 80 volunteers, 30 vendors, and a net of $68,000.  Slides of ToE were shared.  Connections for the Homeless, and Reba Place Development were the key recipients of the funds earned, along with other Rotary projects.  Doug Haight’s pictures highlighting his work with homeless residents were shared at the event. There was great feedback, including 79 percent stating that ToE was extremely organized.  We hope to do better this year and look forward to introducing some new surprises in 2022. 
Bruce Baumberger stated that the Holiday Sale was a huge success.  There was fantastic new citrus offering, and support from all our vendors.  The sale netted about $30,000, which is an amazing result during another pandemic year. The committee is getting ready to kick off the 2022 sale, and will be ready to announce details in September.
Linda Gerber announced that Ann Weatherhead won Rotary of the Year at the Installation Picnic and praised her enormous efforts for her work with affordable housing. 
Ann Weatherhead thanked the board and the members who have been supportive and involved, reporting on Affordable Housing.  There was so much laid bare this year, and many opportunities for those who hope to serve.  We had an incredibly dedicated team, and amazing discussions that realizing that advocacy has been a real focus.  There was a great deal of collaboration internally and externally.  We are building our presence in the community for affordable housing and ending homelessness.  There’s much more to come to do a deep dive and encourage all members to get involved.  Housing creates so many connections within our own club, including the question about what we can do to support the residents of Reba Place. We’re looking toward getting furniture donations. There’s already been three deliveries that benefitted families.  Also, we hope to have bedding, toiletries, etc., and we already have a family to support for that initiative. 
Don Gwinn shared that it was an active year for Rebuilding Together.  At Reba Place we cleaned out a basement room and turned it into a workshop by organizing tools and cleaning it up. The Rebulding Together projects included an assignment at Brown Avenue. which allowed us to clean up a basement, do painting and minor repairs, with another little task to complete, power wash the owner’s awning.  The Evanston Development Cooperative invited us to do some work on an Evanston home including three others in the future. 
Don Gwinn also shared slides from his recent trip to Ak’Tenamit 2022 a service project in Guatemala.  The project showed the work of Rotarians from several clubs including past projects.  Don shared slides of the dental boat which had worn boards replaced.  Bunk beds and cubbies were built for the school dormatories.  Badges were installed in the cubbies and bunk beds honoring the funding of the beds and cubbies.  The girls in the dormitory were so excited to see the furnished room that Don showed a short video of the day that the girls dorm was completed.  The next trip is scheduled for January or February 2023, so please reach out if you’d like to join.
Chris Joyce shared some pictures from Young Leaders activities.  The highlight of the year was RYLA at Camp Edwards in Southeast Wisconsin.  Chris thanked Marv Edelstein, who is a facilitator and does a great job with the kids.  There was so much energy at this event.  There were eight attendees from ETHS and we’re hoping for more for the 2023 spring session.  Slides of the event, including the team course where the teens get to trust each other and have fun in the process, were shared.  There was a civics day at ETHS with 10 Rotarians helping at the event.  Due to Covid we didn’t have the leadership day but hope to have that in the coming year.  We’re working on an Interact Club at ETHS.  Chris also added that he is the District 6440 Youth Advisor, and welcomes ideas for districtwide ideas, and will provide support. 
Bryant Wallace from Technology highlighted the participation from club members embracing technology and learning how to do new things together.  Bryant invited all non-technology participants in the club to join in the Technology Committee and the conversation about expanding technology reach throughout club activities.
Hillary Hufford-Tucker created a marketing plan for Public Image.  Public Relations, Digital Media, Social Media, Print Media, People & Partners, Outdoor Visuals were emphasized.   A website that was more marketing focused was created and less work for the club to sustain.  Social media has been a success on Linked-In, Instagram, and Facebook with consistent posting.  Public Relations would love to see more member involvement.  The committee worked on a brochure and flyers and are looking for other ways to work in the community.  Georgia Vlahos does a lot of writing for the committee.  Hillary asked for more content from members to share through Public Image.  She reminded members to wear Rotary apparel at events to maximize our public image.
Ann Searles of Membership shared that the club has seven new members this year.  They are all involved in club activities already.  We lost some members, including our beloved Linc Janus.  A few members moved away or had job changes.  Ann added to please be reminded that members come from the members, and to please invite prospective members to participate.
Keith Banks spoke about his work with Charlotta Koppanyi to support Career Services.  They aimed to help during the pandemic for those who lost jobs, and help to reposition for job training, certification, and education. They were able to help four individuals in a significant way.  Three of them are working moms with young children who now have extra money through education and job training.  There are individuals from the program who are working toward a degree in social work, dental assistant, and an eyelash extension technician starting a new business.  The work has been very impactful through the professional career training team. 
Katherine Peterson stated that it was an honor to serve, and thanked Club Service members for their participation through service.  She also thanked the club members for participation and encouraged all members to continue participating in fellowship events which really highlighted many values of being a Rotarian. 
Harold Bauer shared that at the Installation picnic, a Proclamation was presented to honor Linda Gerber from the EVLRC Board for all her exemplary work this year as President. 
Club Anniversaries
Holly Halliday, 15 years, joined July 1, 2007 
Horton Kellogg, 31 years, July 9, 1991
Carol Bild, 21 years, July 10, 2001