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The Light for November 15, 2022
By Vaidehi Ravikumar
Club President Kathy Tate-Bradish started the meeting by welcoming everyone and reading the land acknowledgement statement recognizing the indigenous people to whom this land originally belonged. 

Next, Kate Collinson read “Why we are Rotarians” statement followed by her thought(s) for the day. She talked about the Connections event on Saturday serving as a personal shopper for the recipients of the donations, along with other Rotarians and how it gave her new perspective on many things and this Thought for the Day:  We should be grateful to have food in our pantries, a warm home to go to and the many other things we have in life.

Next, Kathy welcomed the guests and visiting Rotarians, after which the following announcements were made:
Aimee Resnick: "The Rotaract Club has been reborn at Northwestern! We have 21 charter members who attended our first meeting on Sunday. We will be hosting weekly service events on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. in the Norris building - every Rotarian is welcome to attend! We are planning a global spring break service trip for 2024 alongside a host of other international events. We are also seeking local community volunteer opportunities. Let me know if you have any ideas! Also, please reach out if you are generally interested in getting involved in our Rotaract Club!"
Brien Johnson shared his uplifting experience as a “personal shopper” for a family of four at the Connections event.
Ann Weatherhead mentioned that there are 50-60 bags of groceries that have been donated and will be distributed.
Helen Oloroso announced that the Holiday Party is on Dec. 11 at 5 p.m. and registration closes by Dec. 2. There is a room size limitation of 75 people, so don't delay registering for the event.
Kristin Brown’s announcement via e-Mail: : I won't be at the meeting this morning because Mahmoud and I are about to board our flight to Tucson. Please support our club's team riding on Saturday in the Ride to End Polio: Kristin, Mahmoud, Evan, Michael, Jean, Joe, Barb, and Nic. The Evanston Rotary Riders will return to Tucson for the Nov. 19, 2022, Ride To End Polio.
Harold Bauer inquired about donating hams for the holidays and what the process would be with the cessation of the Holiday Sales event. Bryant said that he will check with the Chessman Club and provide details.
Kathy made an announcement about an NAACP fundraiser event that she and her husband were attending this weekend and to please reach out to her if anyone is interested in joining.
New Member Installation: Katherine Rush
Kathy introduced Katherine Rush, who was about to become our club's newest member.
Katherine Ann Rush came to know Rotary International right out of college as the Director of Development for the then fledgling FINCA, a microenterprise organization that partnered with Rotary clubs. The Brea, Calif., Rotary Club sent her to the London School of Economics on a Rotary International Peace Scholarship. Her career has brought her in connection with Rotary many times along the way, most recently through a PR project for Taste of Evanston. 

Katherine is a long-time Evanston resident, having raised both her children here after arriving to attend Northwestern University for graduate school just before her first child, Will, was born 25 years ago. Her youngest, Annabel, graduates from ETHS this year.
For the last four years, she has served as Executive Director of a scholarship and mentoring program for Chicago youth from low-income neighborhoods. Her diverse career has focused on economic development and enhancing social equity. She has worked in the nonprofit, media, and government sectors. 
Katherine says her love of Evanston grew from volunteering in ways small and large alongside the many warm and wonderful people connected with local nonprofits, such as the Musical Offering and Curt's Cafe. Some of her happiest memories center around the Evanston communities of Roycemore School and St. Nicholas Church. Her family loves to sail and windsurf on Lake Michigan through the local boathouses. She has lived in several Evanston neighborhoods over the years and currently has a home in South Evanston. 
Kathy formally inducted Katherine into the club and urged all members to extend their friendship and to welcome her.
Next, Nick Powers, chair of the Membership Committee, presented Katherine with the Rotary-Welcome package and said Katherine Peterson will be her mentor. 
Topic: Fundraising Ideas
Kathy shared the details of the mailer/fundraiser that will go out this week.
Kate Collinson has compiled a list of some 720 street addresses and 900 email addresses from the Taste of Evanston and Holiday Sales databases.
Hillary Hufford-Tucker has designed the envelope.
The fundraising ad-hoc committee has created the form letter for members to customize and send out.
Kathy said that the goal is to send out the postal letters no later than this week and the emails soon after that. She asked that people in the room pick up 20 letters and related stationery each and said that those who were on Zoom were welcome to pick up the stationery from her back porch and customize and mail them out by Friday.
Other related comments:
Kate mentioned that the Rotary members themselves were not included in these mailing lists.
Ann Searles suggested that we tell our friends  and family to donate to the Rotary instead of birthday or Christmas gifts to ourselves.
There was also a discussion about reaching out to Rotary employees, but we did not have a clear path on how to deliver them the stationary, as many of them work remotely.
Kathy also shared an array of other fundraising ideas that the ad-hoc committee has come up with and people then went into breakout sessions to brainstorm and come out with ideas. She asked they email her with all ideas for the future. She would like to implement the new fundraisers in early 2023 so that we have close to the aspirational budget of $100,000 by spring, when we give out the grants.
Guests and Milestones
Visiting Rotarians
Basil Lewis
Scott Daniels
Sue Patel, November 17
Club Anniversaries
Keith Sarpolis, 17 years, Nov. 15, 2005
Willy Steiner, 3 years, Nov. 19, 2019