Meeting Notes from July 10, 2018
By Kate Collinson
President Kristin Brown welcomed members and guests to the first meeting of the 2018-2019 club year and the first gathering in our new home at One Rotary Center.  Thanks to John Searles, who was carrying a copy of the Why We are Rotarians pledge, Kristin was able to prepare a quick slide for use in our new RI venue.  A Thought for the Day on “Change” was offered by Brad Weiss.  Quoting Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.” 
Kristin opened the meeting with some helpful logistical information.  Using the Passport parking app, a driver can pull up to a parking meter, input the space number, and automatically pay the required fee.  Kristin paid $1.10 in order to park during our meeting (6:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.).  It’s important to know that the meters near Rotary are prepaid to 8:00 a.m., that is, you only begin to accrue parking fees after 8:00 a.m. (regardless of how early you park).
Restrooms are located off of a small hall to the right as you leave the meeting room.  If you haven’t visited these restrooms, they are worth a look!  They graphically highlight water and sanitation issues around the world.
The first month of the new club year, July, is the only month on the Rotary calendar without a theme.  Talking with John Searles’ daughter before the meeting reminded Kristin of the importance of My Rotary’s Club Finder app.  In just a few seconds, Kristin was able to locate a Rotary meeting in Anne Searles Teager’s home community of Morehead, Ken.  Gary Peterson wondered, “Has our new location been updated on Club Finder?” The answer: “Yes.”
Kristin explained that our club plans to offer either Full or Continental Breakfast (coffee/tea and pastry only) at future meetings.  During the first quarter, we will be working with the catering staff to determine the quantities of food that are needed for a group of our size.  Please be sure to try the various items that are available.  Going forward, it will be assumed that you are a Full Breakfast member ($12/week) unless you tell Club Treasurer Susan Prout otherwise.   Once per quarter, you will have an opportunity to opt for Continental Breakfast ($7/week), if desired.  In that case, Susan will adjust your invoice.  At present, there are no plans to offer a Coffee Only option.
Following up on her pledge to keep the club informed about what’s happening at Rotary, Kristin asked Ann Searles to talk briefly about the recent Toronto Convention.  Ann learned that in addition to providing Shelter Boxes, ShelterBox Aid provides Shelter Kits.  These customizable kits include toolkits, ropes, fasteners and heavy-duty tarps that can be used to build a shelter, repair damaged buildings, or begin to rebuild a home.  Erik Blome, sculptor, ELRC speaker, and Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from the Chicago area, is the artist behind Maple Leafs Legends Row, a growing collection of realistic bronze sculptures of Toronto’s hockey greats.  And it’s official… Ann has given up Stedman Graham for Justin Trudeau!
Bill Glader, backbone of the Taste of Evanston, thanked all those who helped with Sunday’s very successful  event.  While it’s too early for final figures, we are poised to exceed last year’s $50,000 of net income.  Bill acknowledged by name the following active TOE Committee members:  Linda Gerber, Marisa Naujokas, Kate Collinson, Ilana Seligman, Gary Peterson, Steve Steiber, Kathy Tate-Bradish, Randy Usen, Suzy McNamara, Marcia Kazurinsky, Jim McGuire, Mike Merdinger, Dale Bradley, Elaine Clements, Charlotta Koppanyi and Fran Caan.  (Sincere apologies to anyone accidentally overlooked!)  In addition, there were many Rotarian volunteers (and family members) who helped with set-up, take down and the event itself.  Taste of Evanston 2018 would not have been possible without you! 
The crowd at the Taste of Evanston 2018
Marisa Naujokas explained that roughly 480 tickets were sold, with total attendance of 550+.  Food supplies were ample and the remaining food was donated at the end of the evening to a local soup kitchen.  If you missed picking up a Taste T-shirt, there are Large and X-Large shirts available. (Suggested donation - $10)
Charlotta Koppanyi explained that three TOE ‘buy-in’ events still have openings.  You can increase our profitability while enjoying yourself at the following events: Koi Handcrafted Cocktails Class (Sept. 14, 6:30 p.m., $25), Artisanal Walking/Sampling Tour with Julie Chernoff (July 27, 9:30 a.m., $75) and Dawes House Tour/book (July 29, 11 a.m., $25).  Details will follow via email.  If you’re interested in signing up for any of these events, please contact Charlotta, Kate, or Marisa.
Linda Gerber led the club in applauding Bill Glader’s Herculean efforts on the event.  In addition to his many other responsibilities, Bill led our press push.  We were covered by WGN, WMAQ, CBS Chicago, Pioneer Press Tribune, Evanston Now, the Daily Northwestern, and others.  Linda also explained that one of our beneficiaries -- the Reba Place Development Corporation – will use some of the funds raised to create a community space named the Lighthouse Rotary Room.
In addition to our two big fundraisers, the club adds to our coffers with smaller efforts, like our Sergeant-At-Arms questions and Roasts & Boasts.  Kristin drew the group’s attention to the small colored banks on our tables.  These multi-part banks were designed to assist children in wisely using their resources. Labeled Share, Spend, and Save, the banks’ underlying message applies to Rotary Clubs, too!   Kristin and Sergeant Al Menard are looking for creative ways to raise funds at future weekly meetings.   Not wearing your Name Badge may soon result in a fine.  (You’ve been warned!)
Kathy Tate-Bradish announced two upcoming Membership events that will be held at her home (2307 Orrington).  Kathy and Jean Saunders have organized a Membership Coffee – open to all members – on Saturday, July 14, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  New members will have the chance to interact with other members of the club while learning about Rotary.   The second event, a Membership Committee meeting, will take place on Monday night, July 16.  Among other subjects, members will share their experiences at the recent Convention.  Details will be forthcoming via email. 
Neil Gambow announced that our club will celebrate Youth Exchange student C’s last night in Evanston with a dinner on Monday at Mt. Everest, 6 p.m.  Please consider attending and wishing “C” well before her return to Thailand.   Neil also acknowledged Outbound Exchange student Bella Hubbard, who was attending the morning meeting with her father. Colin.
Roasts & Boasts
Bruce Baumberger boasted Rotary’s outstanding presence at the Fourth of July Parade, led by Neil Gambow.   Bruce also acknowledged Jason Orloff, who coordinated the Noon Club’s participation and our joint use of RILEE – Rotary Iron Lung Education Exhibit.  Rotarians carried very effective signage designed and fabricated by the team of Jim McGuire and Kathy Tate-Bradish
Rotary's Iron Lung Exhibit, on display at the Taste of Evanston
Neil returned the boast, thanking the many Parade participants.
Kathy Tate-Bradish shared an anecdote about her Parade buddy John Searles.   After distributing TOE postcards together for most of the parade, Kathy encouraged John to take over the speaking role.  John responded, “I don’t do high pressure sales. I’m in management.” 
Susan Prout boasted herself on the occasion of her 37th wedding anniversary!
Marcia Kazurinsky praised her friend, Donna Buyer of Petal Service (, who helped with all aspects of the TOE floral decorations, from shopping to arranging.  Marcia encouraged members to keep Donna in mind for future floral needs. 
Member Interview
Charlotta Koppanyi’s most memorable Rotary moment occurred in Sweden when she received her Ambassadorial Scholarship in 1993.   What don’t we know about Charlotta? She likes and appreciates old things, including maps and dial telephones.   Per Charlotta, Albert’s new technique -- approaching possible ‘subjects’ when they’ve had a little to drink (as at TOE) – really works!
Art with a Difference
Speakers: Conor Smith and David Schwartz
Marv Edelstein introduced David Schwartz, Founder/CEO of We Are Lions (a subsidiary of Global Canvas) and Conor Smith, Director of Business Development for the 501c3 organization.   Marv has literally watched Conor grow up, studying at Northeastern Illinois University and a Behavioral Psychology program at the University of Kansas.  Later, as a Vocational Counselor for those with developmental delays, Conor saw the need for jobs that were more creative and meaningful than bagging groceries or greeting shoppers at Walmart. 
David started We Are Lions while a student at Niles West High School in Skokie.  Always attuned to those with physical and mental health challenges, David was particularly influenced by the experiences of a schizophrenic uncle.  Despite many positive qualities, his uncle bore the stigma of mental illness and always felt like a victim.  David came up with the idea of marketing t-shirts (via We Are Lions) with unique designs.  Introduced by a mutual friend, the two young men learned that they share a passion for social enterprises and making a difference in their communities. 
Likening their structure to Alphabet (parent) and Google (subsidiary), Global Canvas is the parent and We Are Lions is the subsidiary.   Global Canvas' mission is to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities, mental illness, and other underserved communities through innovative art and creative business solutions. They carry out this mission by creating social enterprises on a foundation of free and open source art and human-centered design.  Global Canvas believes that people of all abilities and backgrounds have talents, and that they can flourish in business when given the right social, educational, and financial support.
We Are Lions is Global Canvas' first social enterprise dedicated to creating opportunities by hosting an online platform for disabled artists to showcase and sell their work in the form of functional art.  We Are Lions also represents artists with disabilities in their interactions with established businesses.
The organization currently works with 600+ artists in the U.S., Canada, Italy, Spain, and India.   They have developed channels of distribution in ecommerce, retail, fashion, music industry, hospitality, and interior design.  Recent developments include custom designed items for the Coachella & Bonnaroo music festivals.  In general, 50 percent of the cost of an item goes to the artist. 
How can you support people with disabilities and mental illness?  While noting that outright financial sponsorship is great, David and Conor encouraged members to support them with business transactions.  Eat lunch at Misericordia’s Greenhouse Inn Restaurant (6300 Ridge, Chicago, open for lunch and brunch).  Purchase coffee from Bitty & Beau’s Coffee Roasters (  Use Conor and David as your resources.  Roar with We Are Lions.  What does the future hold?  Great things.  They are working on a plan to manufacture their own items in house. 
Guests and Milestones
Ann Searles Teager, daughter of John Searles
Marine Tempels, Development Director of ArtReach and guest of Steve Steiber  (ArtReach’s mission is to empower and connect people through the practice of visual arts, focusing on vulnerable populations – the disabled, incarcerated, victims of trauma,…)
Paul Weber, husband of MaLu Simon
Conor Smith, Director of Business Development, We are Lions/Global Canvas, speaker and guest of Kea Gorden
David Schwartz, Founder/CEO, We are Lions/Global Canvas, speaker and guest of Kea Goren
Pram Chakraborty, law professor/gender studies expert from India, guest of Kathy Tate-Bradish
Carol Busam, wife of Marv Edelstein
Patida “C” Phanitkullawat, Youth Exchange student from Thailand
Bella Hubbard, Outgoing Youth Exchange student (to Ecuador)
Colin Hubbard, father of Bella Hubbard
Jacob Bachman – Jun 19
Suzy McNamara – June 23
Greg Klaiber – June 28
Kea Gorden – July 7
Ilana Seligman -July 13
Ann Searles – July 16
Club Anniversaries
Dave Simmons – 2 yrs
Jean Saunders– 2 years
John Osterlund – 21 years
Horton Kellogg – 27 years
Carol Bild – 17 years
Don Crost-Fink – 7 years