The Light for January 15, 2018
By Chris Joyce
Photography by John Searles
President Kristin opened the meeting with a welcome and the recitation of the Rotary Pledge. The thought for the day was presented by Neil Gambow. Neil had a quote from Neil DeGrasse Tyson about how we are all a part of the universe around us. And a quote from Will Rogers: Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.
Kristin Brown announced the following:
This week is the Rotary International Assembly. Next year’s governors and officers are being trained.
Incoming Rotary President Mark Maloney has announced his theme: Rotary Connects to the World.
We need a website coordinator, as the website needs to be updated. Bruce mentioned that there is a website committee and they will be addressing this issue shortly.
Committee Reports
Kristin Brown discussed last night’s meeting of the Strategy Committee. We have dates in March and April when the club is unable to meet at RI. March 5 will be a state of the club dinner at a Taste of Evanston restaurant. The April 9 meeting will be a working meeting at a room at Northwestern to review our current strategic plan and update it.
Bill Glader discussed the recent Taste of Evanston Committee meeting. They are looking for someone to head up social media, and to help with the logistics of the event, such as supply management and the set up and breakdown. Also, someone is needed to help with silent auction. Talk to Bill or Linda if you are interested.
Bill Vernon discussed the fundraiser last Saturday evening that raised funds for the Boy Scout Troop which our club sponsors. They raised about $3,500. The troop can use additional funds and Bill is taking additional contributions.
Ann Searles mentioned for the Club Service Committee that there is a fellowship dinner this evening at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe. There are no spaces left, but there is a waiting list. Let Ann know if you are interested.
Isaac Akers, student at Beacon Academy, announced the current Beacon Interact project, the Empty Bowls Project. Students at Beacon have crafted 100 bowls which they will sell on February 1 at the RI cafeteria from 11:50-12:30 for $12. He encouraged our club to come and participate by purchasing a bowl. Proceeds will go to help the homeless.
Roasts & Boasts
Helen Oloroso boasted Carol Channing, who passed away this morning.
Dale Bradley informed the club that Neil Gambow has been chosen by the Chamber of Commerce to receive this year’s Community Leader Award. The annual dinner will be held January 24.
Joy Joyce boasted that her mother’s birthday is coming soon and that she (her mother) will be 90.
Malu Simon was the interviewee. Her first Rotary mission was to the Phillipines where she and her children visited a village that had been affected by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. Rotary provided a well that was the source of fresh water for this village. That affected her deeply.
People don’t know that she was a tomboy as she was growing up. She raced dirt bikes when she was young, and was known as Crash and Burn. One time, she came to the top of a high hill, and simply fell over rather than go down the hill. 
Albert Menard and Malu Simon
Speaker: Zbig Skiba
Zbig Skiba is a proud Rotarian and member of our Club. He will also be Club President for Rotary year 2020-2021.He currently heads up Trees for Evanston, a club initiative which has planted 170 trees in Evanston parks in the past two years and will plant an additional 50 trees in May.
He is President of Skiba Associates, which helps teams work together to get things done. Zbig is deeply committed to helping his clients achieve professional and personal growth through skills development, education, and coaching. Zbig has an MBA from Kellogg and a degree in engineering.
Several days ago Zbig sent club members a questionnaire which developed a personal assessment based upon TTI Assessment format. Zbig uses this assessment in his business, to enable his clients to hire and select team members who fit the job and team, align team members for better performance, and coach individual team members on soft skills for success in team and leadership roles.
About half of the club completed the assessment questionnaire, and Zbig’s discussion centered around the results of the assessment, and a description of the terminology used in the assessment.
In the assessment, individuals are characterized by behavioral styles organized into 4 groupings-DISC.
D is Dominance-how you respond to challenges. D is looking for results. You are faster paced and task oriented. You are efficient, and your communication is direct. You tend to be impatient. You may not want others’ opinions, only the facts.
I is for influence-how you influence others to your point of view. You are looking for interaction, and are people oriented.
Your communication is indirect, and you tend to be disorganized, with a lot of piles. You tend to be faster paced, and you are very expressive in your communication.
S is for steadiness-how you respond to the pace of the environment. You are looking for stability. You are slower-paced and people oriented. Your communication is indirect, and your organization will depend on some type of system. You show little emotion and tend to be poker-faced.
C is for conscientious-how you respond to rules and procedures set by others. You are looking for facts. Your communication is direct, you are well organized, and a rule follower. You tend to be very reserved, and will ask detailed questions.
All individuals are a mix of these factors, but will lean towards one or the other of them. Assessment tools such as the TTI Assessment can be very useful in hiring and building a team. In most situations, it is best to have a mix, with different types complimenting each other. An assessment tool can help you reach that goal.
Kristin Brown and Zbig Skiba
Guests & Milestones
Visiting Rotarian
Margaretta Swigert Giacheru-Rotary Club of Nairobi
Other Guests
Jim Kaufmann, friend of Don Gwinn
Ann Terry
Katie Petzer, Beacon School Counselor
Isaac Akers, Beacon Academy student
Club Anniversary
Steve Goranson 21 years
Assignments for January 22 Meeting
Thought for the Day: Harold Bauer
Greeters: Bill Glader and Steve Goranson
Program: Community Service Grant Recipients