Meeting of July 11, 2017

Meeting Notes from July 11, 2017
Marv Edelstein presided over his first meeting of the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club as president.  Bob Teska gave the Thought for the Day: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Don Gwinn reminded the club members that dues payments should be given to Susan Prout, who is the new club treasurer.  The previous problems with online payments appears to be fixed.  (The $1 increase in the breakfast fee is due to an increase in the cost of the meal charged by the hotel, but the club continues to subsidize approximately one third of the breakfast cost for members.)
Bill Glader expressed profuse thanks to all who helped on the Taste of Evanston, most especially to members of the committee:  Linda Gerber, MaLu Simon, Marisa Naujokas, Randy Usen, Charlotta Koppanyi, Ken Green, Dale Bradley, Fran Caan, Kate Collinson, Joan Borg, Ilana Seligman, Marcia Kazurinsky, Steve Steiber and Jim McGuire.  (The scribe begs forgiveness for the unintentional omission here of anyone who should have been included in this list; the error is strictly my own.)  Bill Glader was then recognized by the members present for his leadership of the very successful event.
As the Sunshine Lady, Ann Searles reported that Louis Allred’s wife, Nancy, passed away on July 9 after a long illness.  A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 22, at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 2120 Lincoln St., Evanston.
Ann Searles also announced that Kristin Brown has pneumonia but rallied sufficiently to make a brief appearance at the Taste of Evanston.  She is recovering at home and hopes to be back at work next week.
Steve Steiber announced that plans for the Holiday Sale are beginning to take shape; more information will be made available in the next few weeks.
Larry Shawver, former ELRC member who was visiting from Three Oaks, Michigan, announced that the Rotary Club of Harbor County is hosting its 14th Annual Rib Fest fundraiser on Saturday, July 15.
Ann Searles pointed out the flyers that she had put on each table regarding a club fellowship event that she and John Searles are arranging at Ravinia.  The theme of the concert is “Mancini and Moon River,” with Sir James Galway and Lady Jeanne Galway as featured flautists. The concert will be on Sunday, August 6, at 5 p.m.  The park opens at 3 p.m. and lawn admission is $10.  The Searles and Baumbergers will arrive early to stake out a spot for ELRC members and their guests.  Please let Ann know if you will be attending.  Bring your own food and/or something to share.
Roasts & Boasts
Helen Oloroso roasted herself for not having anticipated a misunderstanding that occurred with the Hilton’s new catering staff, resulting in insufficient food for the previous week’s new board installation reception.
Neil Gambow boasted the St. Nicholas Parish rummage sale, to be held on the weekend of July 15-16.
Horton Kellogg boasted his son, who plays in three different bands in Fischer, Indiana.  Horton stepped in to substitute at a concert for an absent musician on a recent trip to visit his son.
Ann Searles boasted Bob Teska for a June 15 article in the Chicago Tribune:  Robert B. Teska, founder of Teska Associates, Inc. and co-founder of Business Districts Inc. of Evanston, was honored at a black-tie dinner this week at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel by the 500+ member Ely Chapter of Lambda Alpha International Land Economics Society. The Daniel H. Burnham Distinguished Community Service Award was bestowed "for his legacy of work that guides and transforms communities; for advancing planning through leadership of the firm that bears his name; for contributions to professional associations; and for his decades of generous commitment to building and sustaining a vibrant downtown Evanston."
Bob Teska
Elaine Clemens boasted Bill Glader and the Taste of Evanston Committee for their outstanding work.
Holly Halliday boasted her husband for his recent testimony before a Senate subcommittee in Washington on the subject of human rights abuses in China.
Paul Harris Award Presentation
Marv Edelstein asked Immediate Past President Brad Weiss to assist him in awarding two Paul Harris Fellows Awards.  Linda Gerber received her first Paul Harris Award, and Horton Kellogg received his Paul Harris +3 Award.  Past District Governor Ellen Young then presented Sam Lovering, Linda Gerber ,and Steve Steiber with the Paul Harris Society award in recognition of their contributions to the PH Society for targeted Global Grants.  Ellen Young mentioned that the level of his contributions merits recognition of Sam Lovering as a major donor in the society.
Brad, Marv, Linda, and Horton
Ellen, Linda, Steve, and Sam
Club Assembly
Presided by Marv Edelstein  
President Marv Edelstein invited members to select a committee table for a discussion about the activities of that committee.  The committee table discussions were facilitated by that committee chair with the purpose of informing members about the work of that committee and encouraging every member to join a committee. 
Marv had prepared handouts with questions for each committee to consider in order to get the conversation started.  The general questions were about the scope of the committee and its thoughts on the budget for 2017-18.  There were also specific questions for the individual committees based on the nature of their work.
The committees represented were:  Community Service, Young Leaders, Public Image, Vocational Service, Fundraising, International Service, Membership, and Club Service.
Guests and Milestones
Visiting Rotarians
Pancho Padilla, visiting from Winters, CA
Ellen Young, Past District Governor 6440
Charles Nuwagaba, visiting from Kyotera, Uganda
Bonnie Davis, Harbor Country Rotary Club
Larry Shawver, Harbor Country Rotary Club
Robert Mardirossian, Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Club
Other Guests
Paul Weber, husband of MaLu Simon
Charles Staley, former member, Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club
Ilana Seligman, July 13
Ann Searles, July 16
Kea Gorden, July 17
Club Anniversary
Don Crost-Fink, 6 years
Next Week’s Assignments
Gary Peterson and the July Team
Scribe: Helen Oloroso
Next Week’s Meeting
We will have the July 18 meeting at a NEW location, due to the Hilton's inability to find appropriate space for our meeting.  We need additional capacity because our guest speaker is the new president of Rotary International, Ian Risely, and the hotel can only offer us the small room.
Therefore, our meeting will be at the Holiday Inn Chicago North, 1501 Sherman Ave., in Room Fountain AB.
Please note the following parking information: 
1.  The hotel has a parking deck which is on the upper level between the hotel and the lower city parking garage.  The hotel is offering a discounted rate of $4 for those attending the meeting.  Validation is available at the hotel's reservation desk.  Space may be limited due to the use of the lot by overnight guests. 
2.  The city garage on the lower level has only 28 spaces that are NOT reserved between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  The cost is $1 per hour, beginning at 8 a.m
3.  Street parking should be fairly plentiful, with meter payments in effect after 8 a.m.  Payments made before 8 a.m. will be applied beginning at 8
4.  Public parking is available in the RI parking garage in limited areas.