Meeting Notes from February 13, 2018
Meeting called to order by President Marv at 7:15 a.m. on the dot and the Rotary Pledge was led by Susan Prout.
Susan Prout – Reminded everyone to get their dues in. There were 10 Rotarians and 8 others helping with Bundled Blessings last week, Many thanks!
Kristin Brown – No meeting on the 27th . It is being superseded by the strategy meeting on Feb.  26.
Ann Weatherhead – Reminded everyone that the Community Service Committee meeting is tonight at Elaine Clemens’ house.
Neil Gambow – Reminded everyone that there is a Career Fair at the McGaw YMCA from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. on Feb. 15. Our club is partnering with the City of Evanston, Youth Job Center, and ETHS in presenting the first ever career fair for careers that do not require college. It is being held at ETHS on March 1 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. More than 25 exhibitors will be present to showcase internships, gap year programs, apprenticeships, and so on.
Zbig Skiba – Promoted tree sales for those who may have forgotten to buy a Valentine’s Day gift.
Don Gwinn – There will be a special Rebuilding Together project to clear out a house at 2012 Colfax to remove all the materials hoarded in the house. He had pictures of the inside of the house to show what we and others will be encountering. A sign-up sheet for Friday, March 2, and Saturday, March 3, was at each table.
Narayan Murarka - Our team has been awarded the WinS challenge grant in the amount of $552,501.55. The Rotary Foundation’s contribution is $425,000, with the remaining funds coming from partnering clubs.
Roasts and Boasts
Steve Steiber boasted the people who are working to clean the house on Colfax, as they are demonstrating compassion for a woman who needs help and showing our club in the best light.
Neil Gambow boasted Jim McGuire for producing the flyer for the ETHS Career Night.
Albert Menard gave his trivia question about the origins of the name “Kentucky” and received several creative explanations with no winners. He then gave the room “homework” for next week to come up with “What is the name of the most recognized insurance exec in books w song (1970s) and comes up in early November each year.” Good luck!!
Harold Bauer gave his mini-bio talk about his most memorable thing about Rotary. It was his first International Committee meeting.  And we now know he sang on stage at the Grand Ole Opry!
State of Our Club – Marv Edelstein
Marv started with the three goals he espoused at the beginning of his term: creative thinking outside the box, driving to clear goals, and willing to move out of the comfort zone. Comfort zones feel good, he said, but nothing ever grows there.
We should be feeling good about how we have applied these goals and our willingness to apply these goals to what our club is doing:
Taste of Evanston – Goal for 2018 is $60,000, thinking way out of the box and now have a major fund-raising event.
Sale of Trees – goal of 80 is well within reach.
Community Service – a variety of opportunities to contribute with monthly targeting giving.
Partnering with non-Rotary organizations.
Community Grants -- Connecting with Taste of Evanston
International Service -- Grants totaling $19,700 supporting four of the six Rotary concentration areas; support of disaster relief in Puerto Rico and Mexico; multiplying grant money by leveraging matching grants
Club Service -- Lots of fellowship opportunities (picnic, dinners, theater outings, etc.); a steady scribe cadre; Public Image Committee;  social media improvement.
The Rotary Foundation -- Goal of $18,000 for 2017/2018. Already at $9,100 – half way.
Membership -- New Member brochure; diversity planning/goals; forming Executive Committee comprised of current president, president-elect, and rising president to foster more continuity from year to year. A significant amount of time was spent on recruitment and retention of membership.
Marv presented some ideas and a number of comments were received from the room.
Guests and Milestones
Visiting Rotarian
Narayan Murarka
Other Guests
Connie Lavalr – Prospective Member
C – Exchange Student
Gary Schwartz
Harvey Newcomb, 17 years
Marv Edelstein, 9 years
Nick Powers, 5 years
Steve Steiber, 5 years